Study after study proves that music instruction is essential to children’s overall education because it improves their academic performance. Curriculum areas that music instruction affects most include language development, reading, mathematics, and science.

The scientific evidence is abundant, obvious, and compelling; there are strong connections between music instruction and greater student achievement.

Unfortunately, Public schools across the United States continue to reduce, or in many cases completely cut their arts and music programs that serve children from low income families. More than 95 percent of school-aged children are attending schools that have cut funding since the 2008 recession. Sadly, when it comes to music education in our schools today, the music budget is often the budget that gets cut first. Just ask Mr. Holland.

The Project will help fund life changing music education for thousands of children across America. The Project consists of a unique program that systematically works to identify and prioritize needs criteria, while working to insure that music education teachers receive funding. Your support will insure that together we turn the tide and insure that music education thrives once again and produces generations of musicians who value the wonder of music and the song.


The StandUp4Music Foundation encourages Iconic Artists, Celebrities, Music Educators, Ambassadors and Volunteers to join us and and #StandUp4Music as we build our #MusicArmy and unite behind the National Music Education Restoration Project. This vital project supports children and provides music education across America by funding much needed start-up music education programs, scholarships, grants, research and advocacy of music education and music education charities.

The StandUp4Music Foundation aims to greatly enhance and protect the lives of our children living
in high risk areas throughout the country, by providing startup-funding to music education teachers who currently do not have a music program. Together we will turn the tide and insure that music education thrives again and produces healthy future generations of musicians.

“The world is in great need of more music education. When students play music, it allows a part of their artistic mind to express itself, which is very important in helping to balance a child intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.”

Paul Reed Smith