Over the past few decades we’ve worked with some of the most down to earth, loving and legendary music artists. Our diverse backgrounds, cornucopia of combined career talent, extensive music artist promotional and development experience, have led our journey and our StandUp4Music activism.

The StandUp4Music Foundation Champions Music Education Programs for all kids…..even those not so gifted.

The StandUp4Music Foundation and our partners support and develop celebrity music artist mentor programs. Our music mentors, aka… StandUp4Music Activists, perform one of the most beautiful songs of their lives. The name of the song is called, “Giving Back.” This beautiful song is full of self-esteem, love and respect for others, and an orchestration of good that compliments and accompanies music education.

For several years our team has been creating, developing, and collaborating behind the scenes on “The National Music Education Restoration Project.”

We are building an army of Celebrity Artists, Iconic Musicians, and Singer-Songwriters who are joining us as we begin working relentlessly on the project and to insure our children’s lives are enhanced with music and are protected and our national media consistently shines a spotlight on this critical need for music education. Please contact us at: info@standup4music.us

If you represent a well known Brand, we would love to hear from you! please contact us at: info@standup4music.us and provide us your complete contact information and we’ll be in touch shortly. The StandUp4Music Foundation would be pleased to provide detailed information regarding our exciting Brand-Partnership Opportunities.

As we move forward you’ll be hearing and learning much more about this very exciting and vital project. It’s time we all come together, and restore, advance and celebrate music education.
And, StandUp4Music!

We’ve included one of our The StandUp4Music Foundation’s Partner Mentor Program below:

FOUNDING MEMBER, MENTOR, ACTIVIST, Historian, legendary drummer.

Harold Ray Brown (born March 17, 1946) is a founding member of WAR, an American funk band in the 1970s and 2000s. Harold has filled a number of well known roles over the years, from legendary drummer, percussion, vocalist, and bandleader.

Brown…aka ‘Uncle HB’ is the oldest of six children, and the only one in his family to pursue music. Beginning with the congas, Brown progressed to violin while in elementary school, and took up drums in junior high. He turned down a full scholarship to Valparaiso University in 1964 in order to pursue music.

Uncle HB was rooted in the very beginnings of War. In 1962, he met Howard E. Scott at the Cozy Lounge in Long Beach, California. They were fifteen years old at the time and were hired to play in a band for a casual gig.

Brown started a band called the Creators in 1963 in Long Beach while going to Long Beach Polytechnic High School, to play for high school sock hops and car shows. Then in 1967, toward the end of the Vietnam war, he and Howard Scott restarted the band with a new name, Night Shift. Brown had been working as a machinist on the Night Shift. In February 1969 while playing a show at the Rag Doll Night Club in North Hollywood, California Eric Burdon and Lee Oskar jammed with the Night Shift. The band changed its name to War.

Brown left the band to attend college in 1983, majoring in computer science, with a minor in music. He then moved to New Orleans in 1986. In 2001, Brown went back to school to pursue his lifelong hobby; he is now a historian and professional tour guide in New Orleans, and has recently formed a new band called the Lowrider Band with three of the other original members of War: Howard E. Scott, Morris “BB” Dickerson, and Lee Oskar.

Harold Ray Brown is a Founding Member in The StandUp4Music Foundation and works with inner-city youth during the summer, to promote good citizenship through the art of fine drumming.

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